Frequently Asked Questions

Used Highway Guardrail panels and the comparable Highway guardrail posts which we provide have been heavily zinc-coated, (“Hot-Dipped Galvanized”), to a strict federal standard and are expected to have a minimum service life of 75 years. (Wow!) The heavy galvanized coating means that these products will last and last and last — long after their removal from road-side service. Most of our customers are looking to build or re-build pens, corrals, chutes, feed bunks or fences. At this crucial moment of decision, we want our customers to compare the unmatched durability of used highway guardrail products to other materials, such as bare steel (pipe or rod) and/or wood – as use of NON-galvanized products may require owners to paint and/or replace somewhere down the line due to rot or corrosion.

Consider the fact: Used highway guardrail materials can GREATLY reduce future maintenance and/or the costs of inevitable repairs. Galvanized Used Highway Guardrail products consistently out-shine other products — by decades. Is it time to make the power of used highway guardrail work for you?

We are happy to sell any quantity of used guardrail.  However, logistically, the higher the quantity, the less the delivered price.  Our most frequent load is a truck load (6750 linear feet).

Call us for more info about shipping ‘Less than Truckload’ (LTL) deliveries, door to door.

Delivery times vary depending on truck availability, weather, our roadside job demands and other factors. Full truckload orders ship the fastest. Often, orders can be delivered within just a few weeks from your order! Delivery will often take longer than three weeks on LTL orders. It’s best to order as soon as you know, so that we can have the best chance of shipping it to you at the best prices.
Our standard, everyday quality of product is “A-Quality” material. At times, we are able to provide our customers with choices in the quality of Used Guardrail product and pricing. This option simply depends upon recent activity. Please ask our sales team if you want to know more about various quality options regarding used highway guardrail materials.
Guardrail buyers continue to report that post strength is a major consideration when installing Used Guardrail for livestock fencing. Posts which are in the range of the strength of the guardrail panel can easily take your permanent fence panel (guardrail) and transform it into a complete permanent fence system.

When using our Galvanized Used Highway Guardrail I-Beam posts, the panel can be quickly welded directly to the posts, because the I-beams have a healthy ¼ inch flange to take the heat of the weld.

When welding, its good to keep the guardrail posts square with the run of Guardrail in order to provide sufficient distance for running a good welding bead. Welders have also mentioned that they prefer using (flux-core) welding wire where the flux is contained inside the welding wire itself when working with used highway guardrail materials. When welding Zinc-coated products, there are special precautions which must be observed. We encourage anyone welding these items to research about welding on galvanized steel, and to be aware of these precautions.

Other users have bolted the panel to the steel posts by making a hole in the flange of the posts and attaching the panel directly to the flange of the post by use of approximately a 1.5 inch length bolt. The diameter of this bolt can be approximately a 5/8 thread. When using wood, (8” minimum dia.), a common practice is to use heavy lag screws or threaded rods to screw or bolt the Guard Rail panel to the post. Some report that using a healthy diameter lag bolts is faster, but these can back out, slowly, over time.

How many Posts per linear foot of guardrail fence? This calculation varies, of course, depending on how high, how much pressure the fence will receive, potential snow-loads and several other factors. However, the most common distance is 12.5 feet from post to post. Some folks install the posts much closer, some install at greater distances.

Keep in mind that the guardrail panel itself acts as a structural beam — transferring a great deal of strength from post to post. For instance, one customer commented that he placed his post spacing interval at 25 feet due to the incredible capacity of used highway guardrail panel. He said he had never had any problems with his fence at that spacing. Guardrail Corral does not suggest encourage using that great of a distance between posts, but we do believe that highway guardrail is stronger, more durable, and more useful than many folks understand it to be.

Guardrail materials may be removed for a number of purposes, such as widening of traffic lanes or the installation of another barrier system, (Cable Barrier), etc. Once removed from our jobs, the material is very usable for barrier and/or construction material in farms, ranches and/or livestock control. Working together with our “Can-Do” customers over many years, Guardrail Corral is building up the strength and longevity of our nation’s crucial agricultural infrastructure. We make durable, versatile used highway guardrail materials accessible for agriculture at affordable prices with quick delivery.

Once guardrail lands on your property, it begins the second chapter of a very long service life to America – benefiting national agriculture for generations. This re-tasking is almost always accomplished while expending very little energy in the process, especially when compared to the extended process of producing new steel.

12 inch or “W-Beam” Guardrail: The bundles of guardrail panel can weigh up to 3800 lbs. If you cannot lift this much weight from a standard flatbed truck, please inform us. We can often make adjustments for your unloading purposes. Our bundles most often come in the following counts per bundle:

LONG PANEL: 20ea (520ft.) of LONG panel (26’ panel) per bundle. The panels weigh approximately 182 pounds each, thus 1 full bundle weighs about 3650 pounds

SHORT PANEL: 40ea (540ft.) of SHORT Guardrail (13.5’ panel) material per bundle. These panels weigh approximately 93 pounds per panel. Thus, 1 full bundle weighs about 3,720 pounds.

20 inch wide or Thrie Beam or Triple Humped Guardrail: SHORT (13.5’ panel) 20 Inch guardrail panels weigh approximately 145 pounds per panel. These bundles often come in thirty piece bundles, which weigh about 4350 pounds.

Posts: 8ft. Used Guardrail Posts weigh about nine pounds per foot and the posts are commonly stacked in two lifts of 25ea “Half-Bundles,” which are then banded together into one 50-piece “Full Bundle” stacks. Eight Foot Used Guardrail Posts usually weigh approximately 73 pounds each. Therefore, the Half-Bundles weigh 1825 lbs per lift and the 50ea Post “Full Bundle” stacks weigh approx 3,650 lbs per lift.

W-Beam Long & Short Beam Guardrail

  • Shorts – 3800 lbs
  • Longs – 3600 lbs

Thrie-Beam Guardrail

  • 3600-4350 lbs

Thrie-Beam Panel weight depends on how many panels are stacked by our road crews.


Most handlers install 3 panels of 12” used guardrail panel. Heights may vary according to application.

  • An influencing factor for rail height placement is the size of the animals being contained. (Breed, Age, Gender, Cow-Calf, etc).
  • Another factor to consider in the height-spacing equation is the jumpiness of the cattle being contained.

Suggestions offered by other customers for an average installation, looked something like this:

    1. Lowest Rail: Often, our customers place the bottom rail approx. 12 inches from the ground to the bottom of the bottom rail.
    2. Middle Rail: Our customers often place a gap of approx. 6-12 inches between the bottom and the middle rails.
    3. Top Rail: Our customers often place a gap of approx. 6-12 inches between the middle and the top rails.
    4. Therefore, the TOP of the highest rail would measure approx. 60-72″high (from the ground) depending upon individual producer’s needs.
Every day we provide used highway guardrail:

  • W-Beam Panels in Long and Short sizes
  • Thrie-Beam Panels (Super Panel/20 inch panel) in Longs
  • High-quality, used 6 inch Galvanized I-Beam Posts and custom built I-Beam Post

These products support a growing, range of applications, such as:

  • Parking Lot Barrier
  • Fencing for Private Installations
  • Homeland Security Barrier Applications
  • Traffic Flow-Pattern Barrier
  • Business and Personal Property Security Fencing
  • Race Track Safety Barrier
  • Traffic Control Applications
  • Industrial Safety Applications
  • Work-Zone Safety Installations
  • Erosion Control Applications
  • Wind Control Barrier Systems
  • Water Break Devices
  • Road Water Diverters
  • There are too many uses for guardrail to list

For many years now, we’ve been the “go-to” place for questions on how our products can meet the needs of our nation’s industries, agriculture, and our families. We will be here for you — for decades to come.