Epic Bull Battle – Dominance and Territory – Highway Guardrail Panel

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What would it look like if the battle for the best used guardrail price were to be played out over the best used guardrail itself, acted out by two beautiful bull elk?

        It’s been said, “Nothing worth having comes without some kind of fight.” – Bruce Cockburn These beautiful animals are bringing the heat over the highway guardrail, used as their ‘natural’ boundary. It’s a tough sale — pushing another stout male out of the prized territory. But every year, the challenges begin again, in earnest. Young males, … Read More

How Big of a Steak Can You Eat?

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Massive 72 Oz Steak from the Big Texan Steakhouse in Amarillo Tx

How big of a steak do you think you could take down? What’s your favorite take-the-steak story? Just how many pounds of meat can you polish off at one sitting? Everybody’s got their limit, right? We’ve all had our turns at wrestling with these questions, so I wanted to share what one of my friends did at one time… at … Read More

Post Types Used To Mount Guardrail On

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What types of posts have previous Guardrail buyers used to mount their guardrail? I have been Receiving many questions about what kind of post should I use with used guardrail, so I decided I would blog about all the options we offer or have seen. a) Some guardrail buyers report that using a strong enough post or pole is a major consideration … Read More

Control Driveway Wash with Easily Installed, Cheap Waterbreaks

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Keeping driveway run-off water from hacking deep ruts into your driveway can be a challenge. Property owners with even a slight change of elevation on their roads know that once the water begins to cut a path in the wrong place, “its all downhill from there”… At least, until now: Many home owners have discovered a very quick, affordable intervention … Read More

Counting the Costs:

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The Costs of a Wooden Panel & Wooden Post fence v/s Used Guardrail Panel & Galvanized I-Beam Posts: For the estimations of the cost of the two types of fencing listed below,we will here consider fencing one 12.5 foot section of fencing. A standard 60 inch high guardrail panel fence built from 3ea. 12.25 inch width guardrail panel at $2/ft … Read More